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Maple Shade Summer Classic 7U Tournament Rules

Maple Shade Summer Classic - 7U Tourney Rules

(Updated June 2021)

(Utilizes same rules as Cal Ripken 8U Tourney Rules)

1. Rain Policy

In the event of rain, we will do all we can to stay on. However, because of limited field availability we may have to deviate from the released schedule.

2. Refund Policy

If no games have been played and the tournament is cancelled due to Weather/field conditions and cannot be rescheduled -- teams will receive a refund of their entry fee minus $100 for administrative fees. After the tournament has started, any team that has completed at least one game is not entitled to any refund of their entry fee. Maple Shade Baseball reserves the right to change the Tournament format based on weather or other conditions. There will be no refund of entry fees due to changes in the tournament format.

3. Time Limits and Innings

Games for all age groups are designed to go 6 innings, however, no new inning may begin 1 hour 45 minutes from the start time. The time limit is determined by the last out in the bottom of the inning. The game is complete if the home team is winning and time runs out. Managers from both teams will agree with the umpire on the official start time of the game.  No time limits are in place for championship games.

4. Rosters and Players info Ineligible player(s)

A player must be on a team's official roster. Players can be rostered on two (2) teams, as long as they are not in the same age bracket. Example: An 11U player can be rostered for another 12U team. Players CANNOT play down. Players cannot be added to a roster once the tournament begins.

Team Roster

1. Rosters will consist of a maximum 15 players.

2. A team can play with 8 players. The ninth batter in the lineup will be an

automatic out. Players arriving late may be inserted at the end of the lineup without penalty. Forfeiture will result if only seven players are available.

3. Teams must bat their full roster in rotation.

4. If a player leaves a game due to an injury, he will be passed over in the batting line-up without penalty. Once the player is passed over, he cannot return to the game. If a player leaves a game for any other reason, each of that player's at bats will be considered an out.

5. All players on the roster must play at least two innings in the field prior to the 5th inning.

6. All players must be in full uniform in order to play.

7. Coin Toss before the game will determine Home and Away. Elimination games as well as the Championship game will be determine by the higher seed.

Player Age

1. Players' ages are established as of April 30, 2021.

2. Copies of birth certificates, baptismal certificates, or Babe Ruth approved ID cards MUST accompany team rosters for each player, and must be available upon request.

Definition of a game

1. An official game is four innings (3�½ innings if the home team is winning). Incomplete or suspended games will be played from the point of suspension. If one full inning has not been completed, the game will be replayed in its entirety, if time slots are available.

2. A 15 run mercy rule is in effect once the game becomes official. After 3 full innings of play. The 15 run mercy rule WILL be in effect for the championship game.

3. There will be a 1 hour and 45 minute time limit on all games. No inning may start after the 1 hour 45 minute mark. If the inning is started before the 1 hour 45 minute mark, the inning must be completed. If the game is tied, an inning or innings will be played to break the tie, if still within the time limit of 1 hour and 45 minutes. Tournament officials will be watchful of and will not tolerate any attempts to delay a game. If a team is found to be intentionally delaying a game, this could result in an immediate forfeiture of that game. The time limit will not be in effect for the Championship game.


1. A batter will receive 5 pitches from the coach. A batter getting 3 strikes, or 5 pitches without putting the ball in play is out. If the player fouls off the last pitch, that player will continue his at bat until the ball is in play or the batter strikes out.

2. If the umpire deems a pitch unhittable on the 5th pitch ONLY, the player will receive another pitch. This is an umpire judgment call, and cannot be argued.

3. There is a 5 run per inning limit. Once a team scores 5 runs, or 3 outs are recorded the inning is over. The last inning will be unlimited runs. That will be either be the 6th inning or an inning determined by the umpire if the time limit will come into play. If so, the umpire will signal when the last inning is being played and that will become the unlimited inning.

4. No infield fly rule

5. No dropped 3rd strike

6. No bunting.

7. A batter hit by a pitched ball will not be awarded first base. This will count as one of the 5 pitches allowed to each batter.

8. A batter shall be called out when failing to bat in his/her proper turn, on appeal. Note: A batter batting out of order can step out of the batter's box at any times in the count to let the proper batter bat. The proper batter will assume the count at that time. See Babe Ruth League, Inc. Rules (6.07 Batting Out of Turn).

9. Throwing the bat after 2 warnings will constitute an out by the batter. Even if it's a 3 rd out, runs will score based on the outcome of the hit.

10. USA Stamped Bats Only

Bat Restrictions: 7U-8U: Only USA Approved bats are allowed in the tournament. Bats from previous years are not permitted under any circumstances. Any player caught using an illegal bat and reaches base will be recorded as out. Teams will receive a warning for their first altercation. A second altercation will force the offending team to forfeit their game. T-BALL bats are not permitted and viewed as illegal. These parameters are by Cal Ripken Rules. Please familiarize yourselves with this information.

Coach Pitch

1. Each batter will receive either 3 strikes or 5 pitches at which a strikeout will be recorded. If a batter fouls off the last pitch, that player will continue his at bat until the ball is in play or the batter strikes out.

2. If the umpire deems a pitch "unhittable" on the 5th pitch ONLY, the player will receive another pitch. This is an umpire judgment call and cannot be argued.

3. The courtesy runner rule is in effect and mandatory. Catcher will be replaced by last batted out with 2 outs.

4. The coach pitcher will be positioned approximately 38'-40' from the plate. The coach pitcher must pitch from a standing position. The coach pitcher is not to assist the batters or base-runners in any way (*a 2 nd warning from the umpire will result in the removal of the coach pitcher).

5. If a ball hits off the coach pitcher (unintentionally), it is in play. If the umpire, in his sole judgment, believes that the coach pitcher did not make an adequate attempt to avoid interfering with the play, he may call the play dead and the batter out, with no advancement of the base runners. Otherwise, the umpire may use his judgment in placing the runners as a result of a stoppage in play due to the coach pitcher getting in the way or colliding with a player attempting to make a play.

6. Infielders may not start more than 5 feet in front of the base path and outfielders must start 10 feet in the grass until the ball is hit.

7. Each team is to have a player positioned as "pitcher", lined up even with the normal pitching rubber and within 6 feet to the left or right of the coach pitcher.

8. Official regulation Cal Ripken or LL baseballs will be used, please bring 2 to each game.

Base running

1. Stealing/leading is not permitted. Runners leaving early will be sent back, and the pitch or hit will not count. A second violation from the team will result in an out.

2. Runners must either slide or veer into 2 nd, 3rd or home if a play is imminent. Failure to do so will result in, at the umpire's discretion, an out call and/or ejection from the game. Headfirst slide is permitted going back to the base. There will be no sliding into first base in an attempt to beat out a batted ball, the batter will be ruled out in this instance.

3. There will be midway marks between first, second, third and home plate. If a runner has passed the mark when the ball is in control in the infield by an infielder and the umps arms have went up, he will be awarded the base he is approaching. If a runner has not reached the mark when the umps arm has went up, he must return to the previous base. All base runners are at their own risk. If a base runner is not passed the hash mark and is thrown out at the illegal base, the runner is out. If the runner is safe, then he must return to the base that the runner left when the umpire called time. Let the play finish before sending kids back to the previous base if not half way. Base runners are live until the umps have stopped play. The arm going up is just to signify that the ball is in control in the infield, it does not stop play.

4. If a runner passes another runner in going around the bases that runner will be called out.

5. Ground rules permit unlimited advancement for base runners on overthrown balls in the infield. The umpire will award one base if the ball goes out of play (i.e. into dugout, over/under fence, etc).

6. Once the ball is controlled by an infielder, the play will be declared dead. An outfielder running in the infield does not make the play dead. An infield position player must have control of the ball in the infield dirt and in fair territory to stop play.

Player Injury

1. In the event of an injury, the ball is in play until the umpire calls time out.

Time out should be called immediately at any time if the umpire or coach feels an injury is serious and merits urgent attention.

2. If an injury is to the fielding team, the batter and runners will be awarded

the base to which they are headed.

3. If the batter is injured while batting and cannot continue his turn, the next

player in the batting order will come to bat with no penalty.


  • No manager or coach may come on the playing field once the game has begun until he has requested time and permission is granted by the umpire.
  • Any manager, coach, scorekeeper or parent ejected from any game will be expelled from any remaining games in the tournament. This is not open for discussion.
  • Any team or their supporters that initiates, causes or continues any problems will cause that team to be expelled from the tournament without refund of the entrance fee.
  • Any player who throws bats, helmets, gloves or other equipment may be, at the umpire's discretion, ejected from the game.
  • After 1 bench warning for a thrown bat by a player the next player from that team that throws a bat is ejected from the game.
  • The use of profanity will result in the ejection of that manager, coach or player from that game and will require that individual to leave the complex.
  • PARKING AT THE COMPLEX IS AT YOUR OWN RISK! The Maple Shade baseball program will not be held liable to balls batted foul which may cause damage to vehicles. Please advise your teams of this rule.

Pool Play

1. All teams are guaranteed at least 3 games. Every team will play 2 games the first day of the tournament, and will be seeded for the second day. The team with the best record will be the #1 seed (see tiebreakers below).

2. Maple Shade has the right to modify the tournament if rain occurs.


1. Head to head

2. Fewest Runs allowed in pool play

3. Largest run differential in pool play

4. Coin toss


The fields used for the Tournament are regulation Cal Ripken 46'- 60' diamonds.

Maple Shade Baseball reserves the right to change the tournament format based on weather or other conditions. There will be no refund of entry fees due to changes in the tournament format.

Tournament Contacts:

Chuck Mars(Tournament Director 609-980-6190)

Danny Juckett (Asst. Tournament Director 609-744-6167)

End of game results

12U Angelo Spinelli 856-425-9949
11U Jeremy Reichelt 856-904-3488
10U Danny Juckett 609-744-6167
9U John Hess 609-313-6970
8U Bill Galloway 856-266-2520
7U Sean Morrow 856-316-6818



The tournament should prove to be exciting for all players and family alike. We would encourage all involved to play competitively, but at all times, maintain integrity and sportsmanship, Simply stated, is to have fun, play safely and respect teammates, competitors and officials. We strongly encourage that you pass this message on to your players and supporters.

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