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Maple Shade Summer Classic 8U Tournament Rules

Maple Shade Summer Classic 8U Tourney Rules

(Utilizes same rules as Cal Ripken 8U Tourney Rules)


1. Rain Policy

In the event of rain, please check the MSBA website for information ( In the event of rain, we will do all we can to stay on. However, because of limited field availability we may have to deviate from the printed schedule.


2. Refund Policy

If no games have been played and the tournament is cancelled due to weather/field conditions and cannot be rescheduled -- teams will receive a refund of their entry fee minus $100 for administrative fees. After the tournament has started, any team that has completed at least one game is not entitled to any refund of their entry fee. Maple Shade Baseball reserves the right to change the tournament format based on weather or other conditions. There will be no refund

of entry fees due to changes in the tournament format.


3. Time Limits and Innings

Games for all age groups are designed to go 6 innings, however, no new inning may begin 1 hour 45 minutes from the start time. The time limit is determined by the last out in the bottom of the inning. The game is complete if the home team is winning and time runs out. Managers from both teams will agree with the umpire on the official start time of the game.

No time limits are in place for championship games.


1.      Player ages 8, players may not reach age 9 by May 1 st.

2.      Rosters may consist of 12 â?? 15 league eligible players

3.      Please bring copies of birth certificate and rosters to all games

4.      Field dimensions used shall be the standard 46/60 configuration.

Playing Rules: Normal youth baseball rules are applied with the following exceptions:

5.      Continuous batting orders will be used

a.       Maximum of 5 runs per half inning or 3 outs, whichever comes first. The maximum run rule is waived in the last inning and whenever a batter hits a home run over the fence.

b.      Should a player become sick, injured or otherwise leave the game, an automatic out shall not be recorded when that batting order position is due up.

c.       Once a player leaves the game, defined as not taking his place at bat in the order , he may not re-enter that game.

6.      A 15 run rule after 3innings, 10 run rule after 4 innings, 8 run after 5 innings will be in effect.

7.      Free defensive substitutions are allowed â?? Note: all players will always remain in the same batting order position due to continuous batting order rule.

8.      Pitching Limitation: Pitchers may not pitch more than 2 innings in any one game.

9.      Infield Fly rule shall NOT be in affect

10.  Bunting is allowed, however, fake bunting is prohibited. Should a player offer to bunt, then pull the bat back and swing at the pitch, the batter will be called out by the umpire .

11.  Official regulation Cal Ripken or LL baseballs will be used, please bring 2 to each game.

12.  USA Stamped Bats Only

13.  When a pitcher is not in contact with the pitcherâ??s mound but does have the ball : base runners may not jump back and forth while on a base to attempt to draw the defense into making a play.

14.    When a pitcher is in contact with the pitcherâ??s mound and in possession of the ball and the catcher is in the catcherâ??s box ready to receive delivery of the ball , base runners shall not leave their bases until the ball has been delivered and has reached home plate.

15.    Base stealing is allowed, with the exception of stealing home.  A player must be forced in from 3 rd base by a batted ball or a walk.  This includes if a runner is stealing third and ball is overthrown by catcher attempting to throw runner out. The base runner may not advance on overthrow when stealing 3 rd base.

4. Tie Breakers

For seeding purposes, in the event of a tie in win/loss record:

1st tie Breaker- Head to head

2nd Tie Breaker- Runs Allowed

3rd Tie Breaker â?? Run Differential

4th Coin Flip


5. Insurance


1)        Insurance coverage is the responsibility of the individual teams entered into the tournament.  A copy of the insurance policy must be submitted together with the team roster, and coaches must bring copy to all games.


The home team will be decided by a coin flip 15 minutes prior to the game. 

1)        If only one team is present for the coin flip, that team will elect home or visitor.

2)        The manager or coach may represent the team at the coin flip.

3)        Home teams will occupy the first base dugout.

4)        In playoff bracket, highest seed chooses home or away


1)          Time limit and Mercy Rule in effect for Playoff games.

2)      No Time limit in Championship game, however Mercy Rule is in effect .



The tournament should prove to be exciting for all players and family alike.  We would encourage all involved to play competitively, but at all times, maintain integrity and sportsmanship,  Simply stated, is to have fun, play safely and respect teammates, competitors and officials.  We strongly encourage that you pass this message on to your players and supporters.                                   

Thanks for coming and enjoy our Tournament!




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