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Maple Shade Summer Classic 9U-12U Tournament Rules

Maple Shade Summer Classic 9-12 Tourney Rules



1. Rain Policy

In the event of rain, please check the MSBA website for

Information ( In the event of rain, we will do all we can to stay on. However, because of limited field availability we may have to deviate from the printed schedule.


2. Refund Policy

If no games have been played and the tournament is cancelled due to

weather/field conditions and cannot be rescheduled -- teams will receive a refund

of their entry fee minus $100 for administrative fees. After the tournament has

started, any team that has completed at least one game is not entitled to any

refund of their entry fee. Maple Shade Baseball reserves the right to change the

tournament format based on weather or other conditions. There will be no refund

of entry fees due to changes in the tournament format.


3. Time Limits and Innings

Games for all age groups are designed to go 6 innings, however, no new inning

may begin 1 hour 45 minutes from the start time. The time limit is determined by

the last out in the bottom of the inning. The game is complete if the home team is

winning and time runs out. Managers from both teams will agree with the umpire

on the official start time of the game.

No time limits are in place for championship games.


4. Playing Rules

The 12U and 11U divisions will play 50/70 rules. All other divisions will play

46/60 rules. Play shall be in accordance with current Cal Ripken Tournament

Rules with the following changes:


â?? Pitching Restrictions: A pitcher may not pitch more than 3 innings in a single game.  Pitchers must be removed on the 2nd visit in the same inning and cannot return as pitcher in the same game.

â?? Batting Order: Teams must bat universal. (Bat entire lineup)

â?? Defensive Substitution: Defensive substitutions shall be free except no

removed pitcher may return to pitch in the same game.

â?? Courtesy Runner: A courtesy runner must be used for the catcher with

two outs. The courtesy runner will be the player who made the last out.

â?? Mercy Rule: 15 Runs after 3 innings, 10 Runs after 4 innings of play, 8 Runs after 5 innings.

â?? Base Running: Stealing is allowed for all ages. Ages 9U and 10U are 46/60 with no leading. 11U and 12U 50/70 leading and dropped third (3rd) strike.

â?? Balks: 9U and 10U - NO called balks. 11U & 12U called balks. 1 balk warning per pitcher per game.

â?? Intentional Walks: A player can be walked intentionally at any time.  Manager must ask for time and request Umpire for intentional walk.

â?? Sliding: All ages may slide head first into any base. A runner

must avoid contact with a defensive player. Slide/ Veer.  No running anyone over

(umpire discretion).

â?? Bat Restrictions: All bats must have USA Bat Stamp


5. Game Start Times

Games will start at their scheduled times or 10 minutes after the previous game

ends, if later than the scheduled starting time.


6. Format

a. 9u-12u Age Groups: Each team will play 2 pool play games.  After pool play each team will be seeded.  Sunday games are elimination games.  Higher seed is home team.

Tiebreakers, in order, are as follows:

1. Overall record (winning percentage)

2. Head to Head

3. Least runs allowed

4. Run Differential

5. Coin Flip


The home and visiting teams, in pool play will be

determined 15 minutes before the scheduled start of each game by a coin flip.

(please have team rep at field at that time). All teams are responsible for cleaning out all trash in the dugouts or bench areas. Teams must clear the dugout before any post game talks.


7. Reporting Scores

The winning team must report scores to the field representative immediately

following a game.  Include age, teams and score.


8. Minimum Players

A team may start with 8 players and add a 9th player at any time. If a team starts

with 8 players and the 9th batting position comes up then an out will be counted

for the open position.


9. Protests

No protests of judgment calls. A protest for a rule violation must be settled prior

to the next pitched ball.


10. Ineligible player(s)

A player must be on a teamâ??s official roster. Players can be rostered on two (2)

teams, as long as they are not in the same age bracket. Example: An 11U player

can be rostered for another 12U team. Players CANNOT play down. Players

cannot be added to a roster once the tournament begins.



11. Birth certificates

Managers are responsible to carry copies of all rostered playersâ?? birth certificates.

You must be able to present proof of age if challenged. Any violation will

constitute a forfeit. April 30 th is age cut off for all age divisions,


12. Insurance 

All teams are required to carry their own insurance. Please keep proof of insurance with rosters during all games.


13. Fake Bunt/Slash Bunt

Batter is out if player fakes a bunt and takes a full swing


14.  Baseballs

Each team must bring 2 baseballs to each game.  Balls must be Little League or Cal Ripken approved.


15. Scorebook

Each team will report score to umpire after each inning to ensure accuracy of score






Thanks to every team for coming out.  We hope you have a great time at our tournament!

Maple Shade Baseball.

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