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MSBA Rookie Rules

MSBA Rookie Rules

Updated 03-27-2018 

We will follow all rules as defined in the 2018 Babe Ruth League Inc. Baseball Rules and Regulations. MSBA is allowed under League regulations to modify or change rules to accommodate recreational league play. Please take a moment to read over the Rule Book and familiarize yourself with them. Also, each manager is mandated to bring the rule book to each game in case there are issues, which arise. Below we listed

some of the more common rules pulled out directly from the Babe Ruth League rule book, including the MSBA local rules.


1. All managers must take the Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripken Way Training Course. We request that assistant coaches (at least two per team) take the course.

2. Adults who have been finger printed or scheduled to be fingerprinted are the only people permitted to be on the field, in the dugouts or batting cages during practices and games.

3. One manager or coach must stay at the field/snack stand area until the snack stand is closed. This is for protection of our team moms and ladies auxiliary that work to close the snack stand each night. It's usually dark when they finish so please stay to ensure their safety.

4. In the event of inclement weather, the managers of each team should talk in advance (by phone or email). If decided to cancel, please be sure it is raining in Maple Shade and the fields are a washout. If unsure of field conditions, call the league president ( and to cancel snack stand coverage. Also, notify your division representative to update website and reschedule the game. All makeup games must be made up the Sunday following the cancellation.

5. Games cannot be cancelled for reasons other than inclement weather unless the

cancellation is approved by the MSBA board.


1. Teams will field ten (10) players including four outfielders.

2. A team can play with eight players. The ninth batter in the lineup will be an automatic out. Players arriving late may be inserted at the end of the lineup without penalty. Forfeiture will result if only seven players are available.

3. Call-ups Provides an option to the managers to ensure a complete team of nine (9) or more players and provide a learning experience for interested players preparing to move up to the next level. Managers must call the T-ball Division Rep when in need of a call-up player. The T-ball Division Rep will assign player/players for the game.

4. Teams must bat their full roster in rotation.

5. Every player on a team roster will participate in each game for three innings in a complete game. No player may sit two consecutive innings unless all other players have at least sat one inning.


1. A game will comprise of six (6) innings unless the following occurs:

2. A game is terminated and 4 innings have been played (3 1/2 innings if the home team is leading)

3. A game is terminated by the game time limit rule which is: a new inning may not begin after 1 hours and 45 minutes from the official start time which will be announced and monitored by the game umpire. The start of a new inning, for the purpose of this 1 hours and 45-minute rule, is defined as the last out of the previous inning. Therefore, if the last out of an inning is recorded before the 1 hours and 45-minute mark, the next inning is to be played regardless of the fact that the first pitch of the new inning may not be delivered until after the 1 hours 45-minute mark.

4. A four-run maximum runs scored per inning is in place except for the 6th inning where unlimited runs can be scored.

5. 12 run Mercy Rule is in effect after four (4) innings (3 1/2 if the home team is leading). Coaches may elect to continue the game but the prior results will stand.

6. Games that are suspended prior to one of these occurrences due to weather or darkness will be rescheduled and will resume at the point of suspension.  Darkness will be determined by the dusk to dawn light sensor on clubhouses. Time from when light comes on to when game is called will be discussed prior to the game by the umpire.

7. Games that are called before it has become a regulation game, but after 1 or more innings are played shall be resumed exactly where it has been left off.

8. A game that is called during an incomplete inning, however, it is long enough to be an official game goes back to the last fully completed inning unless home team is leading.

9. If the home team has the lead in the 6th inning they can bat three players if the game is still under the time limit.


1. Rookie games will mainly be played at Woodlawn Field and Instructional.

2. Both Managers/Coaches are asked to help in game preparation.

3. The pitching machine should be set between 38-40 mph and placed slightly in front of the pitching rubber. The extension cord to the pitching machine should be placed in a way that no player could trip over it.

4. 10 ft diameter circle should be chalked around the pitching machine. This is a dead ball area that no player may enter.

5. 3 ft hash mark should be chalked perpendicular to the baseline midway between first and second, second and third, and between third and home.

6. Both home and away teams will provide two baseballs each.

7. Both teams must share in cleanup following the game (i.e. raking, filling the holes in infield, putting away the bases, closing all gates and removing all trash).

8. Both teams must e-mail or call in game results to their division representative.


1. The umpire/pitcher will be a coach from the offensive team. The umpire/pitcher will place balls in the pitching machine, notify batter of number of pitches left, and call fair or foul balls when hit. Umpire/pitcher is responsible for calling time when ball is under control and assessing the proper bases to award. The umpire/pitcher may not coach defensively.

2. Batting team can place base coaches at first and third. The dugout coach may assist batters and return balls to the umpire/pitcher.

3. Fielding team may place two coaches in the outfield to assist defensively.


1. All players will bat in continuous lineup.

2. The batter will be allowed six pitches to hit the ball. Either after three swinging strikes or at the end of six pitches, if the batter has not put the ball in play, he/she is out and a strikeout is recorded. Except, if the last pitched is a foul tip/ball the players gets additional pitches to complete the at bat.

3. Bunting is not permitted.

4. All balls hit in fair territory are in play with the exception of either a fly ball or ground ball landing in the dead ball circle. It will be called no pitch.

5. A batter hit by a pitched ball is NOT awarded first base. The pitch counts as one of the five pitches allowed to each player.

6. A batter shall be called out when failing to bat in his/her proper turn, on appeal. Note: A batter batting out of turn can step out of the batter's box any time in the count to let the proper batter bat. The proper batter will assume the count at that time. See Babe Ruth League, Inc. Rules (6.07 BATTING OUT OF TURN).

7. A batter who leaves the game due to injury will be skipped in the lineup without penalty as long as there are nine players remaining in the lineup.

8. Throwing the bat after three warnings will constitute an out by the batter. Even if its a third out, runs will score based on the outcome of the hit. Note: If a batter hits a player or umpire prior to his final warning, the batter may be called out at the discretion of the umpire.


1. Stealing/leading is not permitted. Runners leaving early will be sent back, and the pitch or hit will not count.

2. Runners must either slide or veer into 2nd, 3rd, or home if a play is imminent. Failure to do so will result in, at the umpires discretion, an out call.

3. There will be midway marks between first, second, third and home plate. If the runner is past the midway point when the ball is in control in the infield, he/she will be called out or safe at the base. If the runner is not yet at the midway point when the ball is in control, the runner may advance to the next base but does so at his own risk and may be called out. If he arrives safely at the next base, he will be sent back to the preceding base. Note: If an overthrow occurs at this point (i.e. when an infielder follows through with a play from the outfield after establishing control), the players cannot advance any further-play stops.

4. If a runner passes another runner in going around the bases that runner will be called out.

5. If two runners occupy the same base the trailing runner can be tagged out. The preceding runner is entitled to the base.


1. Infield fly rule is not in affect.

2. If the catcher hits the batters bat with his/her glove during a pitch, the batter will be awarded the base for interference and runners on base will advance one base.

3. Obstruction is the act of interfering with a runner without having the ball in one's possession. If a defensive player blocks the base or baseline clearly without possession of the ball obstruction shall be called. Penalty is one extra base awarded to the runner.

4. A fielder cannot use his cap, hat, mask, etc. to field the ball. The runner will be awarded a base if this happens.

5. Player at the position of pitcher must wear batting helmet with full face cage and be stationed to the left or right of the pitching machine.

6. No player may play any one infield position two consecutive innings.

7. Player in the outfield cannot make an out in the infield. They must relay the ball into the infield.


1. In the event of an injury, the ball is in play until the umpire calls time out. Time out should be called immediately any time the umpire or any coach feels an injury is serious and merits urgent attention.

2. If an injury is to the fielding team, the batter and runners will be awarded the base to which they are headed.

3. If the batter is injured while batting and cannot continue his turn, the next player in the batting order will come to bat with no penalty.


1. See the parent code of conduct, constitution, and by-laws of the Maple Shade Baseball Association.

2. Any issues on the field should be immediately reported to the division rep and a board member to be discussed within 24 hours of the infraction.

3. Managers and Coaches ejected from a game must leave the premises.


1. Teams may keep score and records but have no effect on playoffs and championship seeding.

2. The regular season sole purpose is to improve all players ability and skill. If at any time games become too competitive, the MSBA board may decide to change some rules or cancel end of season tournament style playoffs and championship. The season will conclude with a tournament style playoffs and championship. Seeding will be by lottery drawing. Champions will receive trophies.


"It is the policy of Babe Ruth League, Inc. to assure the safety of all participants.  Accordingly, Babe Ruth League, Inc. reserves the right to ban any equipment, including bats, at any time, including during the season, based upon a change of existing policy and/or upon new information made available to Babe Ruth League, Inc."

To follow up our previous correspondence and information posted on the Babe Ruth League website, the following details on all baseball bats approved by Babe Ruth League, Inc. for local league and tournament play.  Such descriptions are included as part of the Babe Ruth League Rules and Regulations.

The bat may not exceed 33"in length, and the bat barrel may not exceed 2 1/4" in diameter.  Only 2 1/4" barrel non-wood bats marked BPF 1.15 will be allowed.  Wood 2 1/4" barrel bats are allowed.

Babe Ruth League, Inc All Divisions. If any bat in Cal Ripken Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball or Babe Ruth Softball cannot be clearly identified for its make and model to determine the barrel composition, then the bat should be removed from the game.

Click Here  to read about the USABat Standard to be used beginning on January 1, 2018.


Contained below is a current listing of non-compliant bats that are not eligible, or approved, for use in any Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball program or activity.

* Babe Ruth League, Inc. has been informed that Nike Bat Model #Aero CX2-BTO636 (light grey), CX2-BTO573 (dark grey) and CX2-BTO598 (blue)have failed recent performance standard compliance testing. Effective immediately and until further notice, Nike Bat Model #Aero CX2-BTO636 (light grey), CX2-BTO573 (dark grey) and CX2-BTO598 (blue), including all graphic variations, is not eligible, or approved, for use in any Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken program or activity. 
* The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has advised Babe Ruth League, Inc. that the BBCOR decertification process has been implemented for the following bats: Marucci CAT-52 33-inch model, CAT-52 34-inch model, and Black 33-inch and 34-inch models 
Reebok Vector-TLS 33-inch model 
* Babe Ruth League, Inc. has been informed that Louisville Slugger TPX Dynasty -12, (black/red/grey) composite bat has failed recent performance standard compliance testing.
Effective immediately and until further notice, Louisville Slugger (Hillerich & Bradsby) TPX Dynasty bat (Model - YB12D -- (black/red/grey) including all graphic variations, is not eligible, or approved, for use in any Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken program or activity. 
* Babe Ruth League, Inc. has been informed that Mattingly Sports, Inc., Balistk (blue) composite bat has failed recent performance standard compliance testing.
Effective immediately and until further notice, Mattingly Sports, Inc., Balistk bat (Model - BTKYB, blue) including all graphic variations, is not eligible, or approved, for use in any Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken program or activity.

Effective immediately and until further notice, the bats listed above are not eligible, or approved, for use in any Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken program or activity.


  •  If the illegal bat is discovered prior to a batter completing his "at bat" the bat is simply removed from play and the "at bat" continues
  • A player who uses an illegal bat or non-conforming barrel dimension and hits a fair ball will be ruled out.  No advancement on the bases will be allowed, and any outs during the play shall stand.  This is an appeal play.  The "at bat" will be considered legal once a pitch is thrown to the next batter.
  • Any bat discovered prior to the game that does not conform to the above rule shall be directed to be removed immediately and not be allowed for use during the game. 
  • If you have any questions on approved or non-compliant bats, do not hesitate to contact Babe Ruth Headquarters.

Please, have fun and remember, this is for OUR KIDS and not us!

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