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MSBA T-Ball Rules

Updated 11-30-2016


1. Managers must take the Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripken Way Training Course.

2. Adults who have been finger printed or scheduled to be fingerprinted are the only

people permitted to be on the field, in the dugouts or batting cages during

practices and games.

3. In the event of inclement weather, the managers of each team should talk in

advance (by phone or email). If decided to cancel, please be sure it is raining

in Maple Shade and the fields are a washout. If unsure of field conditions,

call the league president.


1. All hitters will hit the ball from a batting tee. The tee should be adjusted to

such a height that the batter will be able to swing level.

2. All roster players present for the game shall bat in order whether playing

defensively or not.

3. There is no bunting.

4. An inning is over when nine players have batted or three out are made, whichever

occurs first. The ninth batter of an inning once reaching first base safely,

must continue to circle the bases until he/she is either tagged out or scored,

either of which will end the inning.

5. Batting helmets must be used at bat and as base runners.

6. Three complete misses of a ball while batting constitutes a strikeout.

7. No stealing or leading off is permitted.

8. When the ball is hit, it should go approximately at least 20 feet to be considered fair.

9. One base at a time is usually good enough, however if a child hits the ball far

allow for extra bases.


1. Nine players on the field at any one time (five infielders, four outfielders, no


2. Each player present must play a minimum two innings defensively.

3. Coach or coaches may be stationed behind infielders in order to provide instruction

to defensive players.

4. Be careful not to place players in positions that will put them in danger - do not put a child at pitcher that cannot defend himself/herself.


1. A regulation game is six innings.

2. A game is complete if four innings are completed.

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